Secure your pallet shipping and handling operations while improving your productivity !


The Anti-Slip Paper

Are you tired of seeing your products damaged or issuing credit notes while dealing with customer complaints or even industrial accidents due to poorly secured pallets? We have the right solution for cutting your losses and excess costs by introducing the ANTI-SLIP PAPER!

This paper can be manually or mechanically applied between your stored products, thus preventing any slippage that would cause damage to your goods.


ANTI-SLIP paper makes it possible to :


  • Stabilize your palletized loads up to a 45 ° tilt

  • Increase the volume

  • Ensure a reduction of lost goods

  • Eliminate the need to overpack

The ANTI-SLIP PAPER is suitable for food contact. It adapts to any climate, keeping its anti-slip properties from -30 ° to 120 ° C (from -22°F to 248°F), while resisting moisture.


                               Be Green : The ANTI-SLIP PAPER is recycled and recyclable. It is possible to reuse!                             



Specifications of ANTI-SLIP PAPER

                                                                         Available gages : 65g, 110g, 150g, 270g, 330g.



* Possibility of customizing the products.

* Available in sheets and reels.

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