To ensure that you're using the best and most efficient tape for your packaging needs, please contact one of our representatives that will help guide you through the right product selection procedure in order to minimize your cost. 

Carton Sealing Tape

Available in different thicknesses and with different types of glue:

  • Acrylic

  • Hot Melt

  • Natural Rubber

Flatback Tape (Kraft Paper Tape)

Pressure-sensitive tape made with kraft paper that offers a quick seal under a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions.

Printed Tape

​Adhesive tape with made-to-measure custom prints. Ideal for branding, marketing, and for safety and security purposes.

Filament Tape

Pressure-sensitive tape reinforced with fiberglass filament, adding high tensile strength.

Masking Tape

Pressure-sensitive tape made with paper that's easy to tear and to release without leaving any residue. Ideal use for painting, holding and protecting surfaces. 

Double-sided Tape

Pressure-sensitive tape which offers adhesive on dual sides.

Available in different thicknesses, widths and glue. 

Water Activated Tape

Kraft paper pressure-sensitive tape activated with the use of water. 

Aluminium Tape

Adhesive foil tape best used in low temperatures and high humidity. Serves well to protect heat and seal duct ventilation.

Duct Tape

Cloth pressure-sensitive tape coated with polyethylene. Due to it's best resistance against water, this product is often seen in the plumbing market. 

Safety Marking Tape

High contrast and vibrant color adhesive tape to outline certain areas and showcase dangerous zones in a warehouse. 

Strapping Tape

Polypropylene pressure-sensitive tape serving to strap and unify the content of your skids. 

Protective Tape

Pressure-sensitive tape that protects your products from scratches, impact and UVI.


Available in different made-to-measure size and formats. 

Sheating Tape

Acrylic pressure-sensitive tape with aggressive adhesive, used in the majority of construction projects to seal and permanently bond different types of material. 

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