Paper Products

There are a wide variety of paper products your business can use to protect, facilitate and increase efficiency for your shipping and packaging department. Contact one of our sales representatives today to find out more!

Slip sheets

A piece of cardboard that is placed between the pallet and the first layer of boxes to protect them from nails and sharp pieces of wood. It is also meant to be placed between each row of boxes while palletizing your skid in order to stabilize and centralize your load. This prevents product damage and tipping!

Corner Boards

Rigid angles that reinforce the edges of corners, tops and bottoms of boxes to reduce the damage of goods during the shipping process. It is also used to protect your goods from a variety of strapping that may damage your boxes or products.

Silk Paper

Fine texture paper that is often used to promote elegance and luxury! Most often used for the packaging of delicate and precious goods.

Kraft Paper

Opposite the silk paper, kraft paper is a heavy-duty, strong and smooth-texture brown wrapping paper. This type of paper is meant to be used for packaging that requires extra strength, durability and high tear resistance.


An in-between of silk and kraft paper, newsprint is a low cost paper that still offers a fair amount of strength. It is used for a variety of different packaging solutions. Newsprint is perfect for protecting fragile and odd shaped products.

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