Dumak offers a full line of packaging and material handling equipment.

We are proud to be the official distributors of Mach 1, Highlight Industries and Intertape Polymer Group machinery.


  • Stretch Film Dispenser

  • Tape Guns

  • Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Stretch Wrap Machine

  • Automatic

  • Semi-automatic

  • Rotary Arm

  • Robot

  • Orbital

Ask our representatives about our personalized service that will cater to your specific needs!

Strapping Machine

Spending too much time strapping your boxes together with a tensioner or sealer? Let this automated machine help your business reduce the time spent on strapping material together and increase efficiency!

Carton Sealing Machine

Is your team spending a lot of time sealing cartons? Maybe you should consider one of these machines that will speed up your production line.


Let one of our representatives help you determine the right machine for your needs.

Lift Truck

Dumak offers a wide range of material handling equipment.


Reach trucks

Electric Pallet Jacks

Counterbalanced Trucks



Automated Lift Trucks

Hand Pallet Jack

Dumak is the sole distributor of Eco-Genia hand pallet jacks.


This pallet jack comes with ultra resistant polyurethane wheels with iron casters. There are four wheels in the front to evenly distribute the weight from the skid onto the pallet jack.

The hydraulic pump comes with an anti freeze synthetic oil which is ideal for usage in a cold environment. These are just some of the exclusive features that come with every Eco-Genia pallet jack!

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